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Cuddle Party
13 Jul 2016

Cuddle Party

What is a Cuddle Party? – Probably a new word for a lot, but it´s easy to explain. The word “Cuddle Party” originally comes from New York.

What it’s all about is such; it is an organised event where strangers come together and cuddle with each other for hours on end. The cuddle party is a safe event where one can experience real cuddling without having to have sexual interest or other musts.

In 2004 was the first event of this kind which was organized by a sex therapist “Reid Mihalko” and his partner “Marcia Baczynski”, who worked as a relationship consultant. Her objective is to give a new burst of love into their relationship. The first ever cuddle party was hosted in Mihalko´s apartment where Artists, Producers and also Movie-Stars took part in. Afterwards in became a trend across the whole of the USA.

So that all of the participants feel relaxed and safe, there had to be a few rules laid down on the table, these help create a lovely atmosphere. Here is a small cut-out of them:

  • It isn’t just about cuddling – there isn’t a must cuddle rule – it is totally voluntary
  • Use the experience to experiment – also use it to get to know yourself better
  • It is also all about total relaxation of your body, spirit and soul.
  • Sex is taboo!
  • Learn to be able to say “No” und also to be able to accept a “No” – ask for permission if you want to touch somebody
  • Be careful about your limits – respect yourself
  • If you feel a “yes” – then say yes.

How is such an event run?

Even though every cuddle party is different there is still the standard pattern: first of all there are some exercises to get to know your partner and to get closer to each other. Afterwards the trust of each other’s presence will happen and at last the cuddling will begin. The cuddle trainers run this process and make sure everybody follows the cuddle rules. A lot of things happen at the party for example dancing, talking and laughing. However it is without alcohol and a sudden end. Also it is not a meeting place for singles: it isn´t about finding a new partner!