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What is exactly cuddling?
13 Jul 2016

What exactly is "Cuddling"

Everybody defines there cuddling habits differently, but one thing is clear – We all need LOVE!

What does cuddling mean for you? Cuddling is close – comfortable pushing together of the bodies – heart contact – hold – love – trust – and it can’t just happen between loved ones, also between friends und children and their parents. Cuddling warms and works as an anti-stress solution. It simply means lying together, to rubbing yourselves, loving, kissing, hugging, French kissing and talking about beautiful things in life. Enjoy the connubiality’s in a cuddle hotel in Austria – you will see, it will be really easy to just turn off and to dedicate yourself to your partner – just enjoy the time with them and forget your stressful daily-life!