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Real Cuddling has to be learned
13 Jul 2016

Real Cuddling has to be learned

Real Cuddling has to be learned - it requires a lot of empathy, time and patience!

One is in need of both Affection as well as touch – this is mainly created with tender hugs, Kisses or cuddles and is in relationships particularly important. When you cuddle, it is possible that one Partner will expect more but it is already too much for the other one.

Too avoid such complications here are some tips for tender cuddle moments:

  • Take your partner in your arms when you realise that they are sad
  • Every body part can be used whilst cuddling
  • Small gestures mean often more than words and create trust
  • Wait for the right moment
  • You need quietness and relaxation – don’t make your partner cuddle with you
  • Cuddling is based on reciprocity - the ideal way to cuddle is to give both the experience of tenderness
  • Even on the most stressful days make sure you take time do cuddle
  • Also just a quick kiss on the forehead can do wonders
  • Stay attractive for your partner – not just during sex – also during cuddling!
  • Often Cuddling is also a precursor to Sex and thus it can also be passionate, and the desire to be erotic. However it is very important that you know the erogenous zones of the partner – because not everybody likes to have a nibble on the ear, or a touch of the nipples.

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